I love to walk. There is just something so life giving to me about lacing up my shoes, filling up my water bottle, and navigating a few miles outdoors on a beautiful day. I find I do my very best praying & worshiping along those paths. I hear from God more clearly and feel His love & grace more vividly. A few weeks ago I began to walk again after an admittedly long drought without much (read any) exercise. Anyone else have seasons like that? In the past few years it has been pretty ordinary for me to walk at least 4 miles. We are so blessed to live next to a gorgeous park filled with a variety of beautiful well kept paths. I use an app called CardioTrainer to track my location, distance, pace, & steps.


My first day out was equal parts glorious & brutal!! My heart & mind were blazing with determination. I was ready!! I have learned in those moments of great zeal, that are honestly way too fleeting, to seize the day and jump in with both feet before the moment passes. In wisdom, since it had been awhile, I thoroughly stretched and embarked on my journey. I SO enjoyed the beauty of God’s creation, soaking it all in. I was very proud of myself for pushing past the zillion reasons (read excuses) that could have prevented me from walking that day.  Completing those 4 miles was absolutely glorious!!

The whole time I was monitoring myself to see how my legs, knees, & hips would do, all was well thankfully. However about mile #3 it started. I could feel the blisters forming on my tender feet and there was nothing I could do. I was over a mile from home and had to push through and finish the race (there’s a sermon in there for another day). That final stretch was absolutely brutal! It felt like both of my feet were covered in blisters, from the toes to the back of my heal, and every step brought the sting of pain. When I got home I took off my shoes and YIKES!! I had at least 5 blisters on each foot. Did I mention how tender my feet are?? Let me tell you it was NOT pretty.


I have recently been studying the life & leadership of Moses. I’m inspired & challenged by how God worked in and through his life. I see in the life of Moses a man who was called from birth, literally plucked from death, and filled with purpose. Each new mile that Moses walked with God brought new joys & new blisters. He was the man that God choose to lead His people out of captivity in Egypt, and oh what a GLORIOUSLY unforgettable exit they made. He was also the man that God choose to lead His people through FORTY YEARS of wandering in the desert. Talk about BRUTAL!!

Through the life and leadership of Moses I am learning that with each mile I walk with God there will be joys & blisters….sometimes both literally & figuratively. It gives me hope to see a leader like Moses continuing to press into God regardless of the loud and doubting criticisms of the crowd. It gives me hope to see a leader who struggled with self doubt, discouragement, fatigue, and sin to endure and be used by God in mighty and miraculous ways. BIG HOPE y’all!! Moses was not perfect, he was stretched, and challenged but he grew & ultimately fulfilled his purpose to the glory of God.

Moses 2

In my exercise & in my spiritual walk there is one truth that will prevail. NEW MILES. NEW BLISTERS. I have been walking a few times a week and slowly increasing my distance & pace. I was SO excited when I hit 6.46 miles the other day for the first time. WOW!! You know what? Those blisters from my 4 mile walks healed up and now my feet are a little stronger for it. Each time I walk a little farther or faster I may pick up a new blister or two…BUT even when I’m being stretched and challenged God is using it to produce life, and strength, and hope in me. Most of all He is using the struggles in our lives to draw us closer to Him so that he can demonstrate His glory. Today I’m welcoming NEW MILES, by His grace joyfully anticipating NEW BLISTERS, but most of all celebrating His love as he walks beside me to see His purposes fulfilled in my life.

I’d love to hear from YOU!!

What new miles are you walking today?

How are your feet feeling?

How has healing from your blisters made you stronger?