One year down! Let’s Celebrate!

One year down! Let’s Celebrate! – August 29, 2012

Today marks a major milestone in our journey to getting physically, emotionally, and spiritually healthy because it is our one year Anniversary of joining Weight Watchers! I remember last year so vividly it seems like yesterday. We were in Ohio visiting my family and had been talking about taking the plunge and doing it for weeks. We had fiercely analyzed several different program options and after MUCH discussion decided to go with Weight Watchers ….but then never signed up, funny huh! I guess we were just waiting for the perfect moment but the problem is there is NO perfect moment. So in the middle of our vacation I woke up one morning and just had a burning desire to do it! To sign up! Nothing holding us back! After a little bit of rationalizing and resistance from my husband he finally recognized that there was nothing that would stop my zeal and determination! So we did it! We signed up online from Ohio on Monday, August 29th 2011 and began tracking our food with a plan to attend our first Weight Watchers meeting at a location near our home that Saturday morning. The first week went great and we seemed to fall into place. I lost 6.5 pounds which was probably a lot of water weight since I was still on steroids at the time but it was just the boost I needed to keep motivated. Our meeting that Saturday was great and we seemed to fit in immediately with the Weight Watchers group we chose. They were friendly and open to us and we loved our leader Sandra right away, which really says something because my husband tells me that I can be pretty hard on leaders 😉

Achieving the one year mark on this journey was definitely cause from some self reflection and goal setting. What better time to set new goals then when you have achieved so many. To celebrate this momentous occasion I decided to go out this morning and walk/jog as far as I could manage which in my mind was a glorious 15 miles! Well about half way through my intentions changed and I decided on a 6 mile walk/jog and that is exactly what I did. As a reflected on the last year I can see the hand of God all over our lives. Who would have thought that God could take illness, unemployment, and several other major trials and mold it into such a marvelous testimony of His grace & mercy? The physical transformation has been such a small part of this journey as we have truly learned to honor God with our choices on SO many more levels. I can honestly say this has been the most intimate time that I have ever shared with the Lord or with my husband. In my devotions today I read a line by Oswald Chambers that really brought it all together for me, “Faith must be tested, because it can be turned into personal possession only through conflict.” My faith in myself, my spouse, and most importantly in God has grown tremendously over the last year and I can’t even imagine what the next year will hold!


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