Let’s Review!

Let’s Review! – July 26, 2012

Welcome & Hello Old & New Friends and Family! It has been WAY TOOOOO long since I’ve written and I have SOOOOOO much to tell you! For those who may be joining this blog for the first time and for those who need a refresher let me tell you a little bit about me and the journey my husband and I have been on.

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My husband and I had a wakeup call in June 2011 when my health took a drastic turn and I was put on bed rest for 10 week to recover from having a fungus in my lungs.

-We “woke up” to the reality that for far too long we had put our physical health on the back burner and our weight was out of control.

-We “woke up” to the fact that our weight was not only affecting our physical health but also reflected unhealthy emotional & spiritual health as well. It makes sense after all we are physical, emotional, and spiritual beings and everything is connected.

-We “woke up” to the painful reality that our life message and our physical lives were a contradiction.

-We “woke up” to the reality that this issue was bigger than us and we needed some serious help!

After much discussion, consideration, and prayer we chose Weight Watchers to provide the structure, accountability, and support we needed for real sustainable change. If you’re interested in more on that decision process check out “Finding the path….to health eating”. So on Monday, August 29, 2011 we signed up online and began the program determined to stay the course and finish the race. We weighed in that Saturday, September 3, 2011 at the Weight Watchers meeting located at Mockingbird in Dallas, TX and have been there ever since. After several months and great success I began to develop an interest to tell our story to the masses. Let me just tell you that was definitely divinely inspired because nobody, and certainly not me, wants to share all their most intimate hang ups and struggles with the world!!! In obedience and trepidation I began this blog completely unaware of how God would use it to touch the lives of people.

In this excerpt from “Beginning the Journey” I share my vision for this blog and explain the crazy and somewhat provocative title:

“My blog will be centering on my journey to getting healthy physically, emotionally, & spiritually. This journey began for me in June of 2011 and has caused me to come face to face with my own weaknesses, my own insecurities, and my own demons. I have had a problem with food for as long as I can remember. I have used food for comfort, stress relief, and even as a companion at times. I plan to be completely open about my fears, failures, and triumphs as I embark on learning for the first time in my life how to maintain a truly healthily lifestyle. This is a conversation that other Christ followers often over look. I have been following Christ for 10 years and have never allowed Him into this area of my life. My theme for 2012 is “Naked in the Potter’s Hand”. I will no longer hold this or any other area of my life from my Lord. Naked means many things including: uncovered, stripped away, or bare. I no longer want anything to get in the way of God’s plan for my life. I see God as a Master Potter molding me into the final product he desires (Isaiah 64:8). I realize now that my journey to getting healthy doesn’t just deal with my food choices, but it also encompasses how I spend my time, incorporating exercise, getting passionate about water, and protecting my sleep.” December 21, 2011

After almost a year of learning, growing, and changing literally from the inside out all I can humbly say is that ONLY GOD can cause this kind of authentic transformation in a person’s life. My Eyes Are Open!!! Against all odds and fighting the battle on a daily basis we have continued on this journey to physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. I’m so grateful for His daily strength and grace and look forward to continued growth and change. We definitely have NOT arrived but we thank God that to date we have lost a total of 170 lbs as a couple! Rejoice with us and Praise the Lord!

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Getting you caught up here is what’s coming soon:

-On my knees (sharing a song with video & lyrics that have impacted me so much!)
-The Pinas share their story at a Weight Watchers Grand Opening!
-Pictures from
70lbs lost & 85lbs lost!
-Tips to add more Veggies to Lunch & Dinner!


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